About Me

Trained overseas to be a successful Chemical Engineer, I was always attracted by human health. Surrounded by Medical Doctors my entire life, as my family had a tradition in this, I was familiar from a young age with medical books and atmosphere. But life had some other plans for me and I became Chemical Engineer in my origin country. My father, who was one of the best Doctors I know and a very handy man, use to say” When a Doctor takes off the white gown, an Engineer is being born”

I decided to move to Canada to put to profit my abilities and knowledge, and worked in Freight Forwarding Industry for a while. Until I discovered that I am still dreaming of being of help to people! Back to school to satisfy my curiosity and desire to learn on how to live in a healthy body, emotionally and spiritually healthy.

Result: I decided to switch my career from a corporate job, well paid, to a job dedicated to people, I realized that this is my life’s mission. My passion drove to the point where I am able to align my career with my soul mission – Naturopath, energy therapist, massage therapeut, working with people to teach them how to help themselves to live clean their lives in a healthy body, with a healthy mind and heart.

My curiosity and desire for living a healthy, holistic lifestyle turned a passion into a profession.