Does time has wings?

Have you ever noticed that time flies?  

Yes, it flies if you give it wings to glide and if you manage to breathe each breath of air after flapping the wings  

These are your wings made out of everything you wish for – make count the moment !

On January 7th, 2020 I was writing an article on my blog and I was encouraging you to start counting your daily highlights!  

After 84 days, on March 25th , I was writing like this:  the result is the realization of actions I did, from consciousness point of view! Otherwise, I would have said I did nothing since the beginning of the year!  

Only notes on piece of colored papers, but in fact, I touched lives, I helped people to pass thru their personal challenges, to see the sun thru a foggy window, to look inside themselves and find a new person eager to make steps on their own, to learn that there are multiple solutions to a given problem and sometimes, we need to change the “glasses” or distance from it to see clearly  

And the most I did, I learned that happiness is in small things and you’ll find it if you look in your heart!  

Grateful for what I received and as well for what I released!  

Make yourself useful – every little something counts and shows who you really are, in light, consciousness, awareness, unconditional love!  

What have YOU done? 

Today, after 349 days, I am ready to share with you part of my experience, my dreams, my thoughts, to unveil what 2020 meant for me. This year I started by creating a pattern – I wrote the highlight of the day, almost every day, on a small piece of paper and I strung every little achievement on a string. Guess what?! I had more than 250 notes meaning that I did not lived for nothing this year… Why I decided to mark every day? Because I find that at every reflection moment, the first answer arising is either “I don’t know” or “Nothing” or “I don’t remember” or …  

Why this is happening like this? Because most of the time we are living on “automatic” mode and we are not paying attention to the smallest details, which are in fact the most important aspect of our lives, I would say the “salt & pepper” without which the meaning of life is meaningless. Rightfully so…  

2020 was a very special year on many aspects starting with astronomical rare aspects, personal life highlights, but the main and the reference aspect of the year, still is, the pandemic. Not mentioning the name deliberately as I am not entertaining low energies, but doing whatever I can so I can raise awareness, energies, to communicate with as many people as I can, to create a community where we can share our opinions without the fear, we are being judged for what we think, to accept reality the way it is and act in consequence, taking the responsibility of being here and now. 

Was waiting this moment for ever and it came!  

2020 brought me a higher level of consciousness and in a way was my best teacher who taught me that the growth comes from within, that you shine inside out, that  Knowledge about myself is self-empowerment, that I can let go and replace the emptiness with love, that I can spend the time with me without getting bored, that I can love myself the way I am without being narcissistic, on the contrary, being a mirror to reflect love to people around me, to radiate joy, to shine on a cloudy or rainy, to find happiness in small things, to create with the power of mind, to help people without waiting for anything in return,  to understand that I am light going towards light, to change what I can change and contribute on what we can change together, build the future starting in the past but being conscious of every present moment, to understand “what is essential is invisible to the eye.” (The Little Prince – Antoine de Saint-Exupery) 

Einstein was saying that “the world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking”. He was ahead of the game and intuitively wrote that. But know we know that is a must to change the thinking, to understand that we materialize what we think, now, more than ever, to strive for the change to emerge from within  

It has been revealed to me that we will start to see the light when the “I” conscience will become “WE” conscience! when we will understand that together is more, always, to change in an instant the fear into love, understanding more, fear less, love more, live the second, smile every moment of your life so you get used to being happy, for free at no cost and for no reason at all! Be happy people  

What you resist, persists! What you embrace, dissolves!  

Now we are ready, as humans, to embrace acceptance, harmony, love, compassion, to see the light in another person eyes, to understand the difference, to go home when you hide inside you. 

2020 added new steps on my ladder: I learnt how to create and sustain meditation sessions for groups, how to put to profit my powers and help others, how to give without asking for anything in return, how to offer from the heart, donated my time to share my love with people in need of light  

The important thing is every day doing something which makes me happy so it becomes a habit! 

So I can change every day, becoming a better person, for me in the first place and then for the people around me

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