Spread your wings

I am grateful  

Some will say that’s is the power play stereo- type word of the day. But it’s not!  

Take the time and reflect what does this word mean to you – what are you grateful for? Who you are grateful to? Why are you grateful?  

Few days back someone was asking several persons, including me what we are grateful for?  There were so many different answers, most of the subjects referred to material things, possessions, financial situations, very few to personal aspects, health and barely none to the world, in general  

The answers made me think about the world we are living in, in continuous moving, chaotic moves, less interactions between people, running all the time like they are feeling chased. Or are they? … Wondering if they see what is around them  

Grateful for today – grateful for waking up with a roof above my head, in perfect health, breathing normally,  

To see the sun rising again over the Earth  

To feel the sunshine on my skin, warm and protecting, healing and rejuvenating  

To see the plants in my garden growing – the ones I started from seeds in early spring, witnessed the miracle of life, loving every minute of their existence, from seeds to mature plants, being ready to offer the crops  

Let every day be today when we start writing the day on a blank piece of paper  

Change the world with our words! Give the words back the strength, the power, the wisdom,  

Let the word be light guiding you  

Words matter! Yes, they do, as long as you know what to do with them, how to embrace them and offer your kindness, your love and affection, the words are able to bring out to light the best of you, the soul face nobody seen before. Everything you need to figure out how to reconnect with your life is within you.  

Bring it out, shown from within your beautiful nature, harness the ego, empower the ego to serve your Higher Self and to show you the path of Light 

I am grateful I am able to show you who I really am! Will be doing the same tomorrow and every following day!  

Spread your wings and make the world, yours!

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